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A New Profit Center For Your Store

OTHER MODELS: 2002R, 5002T

There is no other coffee roaster in the world that can match the Java Master Retail Roaster and its abilities in the retail marketplace.  It’s simple to use and quite engaging for the customer. It touches all of the senses – sight, sound, smell and, of course, taste.

The roaster is fully automated and programmed to roast green coffee beans, by specific bean type and roasting quality. All you have to do is push a few buttons and – voila…the freshest roasted coffee beans possible. And you can keep the supply fresh by only roasting beans as needed…only on demand. This eliminates inventories that can result in stale beans (like the stuff they use at most coffee shops), as well as disappointed customers and lost sales. Keep the coffee fresh to make the customers coffee-happy and they’ll keep coming back for more!

The patented Java Master Retail Roaster is designed for retail operations and capable of precisely roasting gourmet green coffee beans in a computerized hot-air process. The electrically heated roaster will perfectly roast one to five pounds of green coffee beans in six to ten very entertaining minutes, right in your store (25 pounds per hour). It’s also fully warranted for life, as part of our integrated green bean program.

Not only does Java Master roast the finest coffee possible, it’s also great theatre. Your customers will be totally captivated as their fresh coffee roasts.

Push to start roasting process.

Choose the weight.

Select a bean type and begin the roasting process.